Paneer Recipe | Homemade Fresh Paneer

Preparation of Homemade Fresh Paneer without any preservatives. Paneer is used in many recipes, this will help you to prepare Paneer / Chhana / chhena at home. If you want to store, cut into cubes and refrigrate it and use it in 3 days.This can be used for preparing Gravy, Snacks, Sweets like  RasagullaRasamalaiMalai KoftaPaneer ParathaPaneer Lollipop and many other items.

Paneer | Homemade Paneer

Cook time: 30 minutes    |  Yield: 400 GRAMS

CURD – 1/4 CUP 


1. Squeeze lemon. Take a thick bottom pan boil milk.

2. Once the milk reaches the boiling point then add curd, then mix it. Once it starts boiling then add lemon juice
mix it.

3. Allow it to boil then milk starts curdle

4. You will see water separating from the curdled milk. At this point switch off the flame. Then strain the paneer in a muslin cloth or a strainer. Immediately keep the strainer under the running water so that it will come to room temperature also it will lose the lemon juice flavour. Rest the strainer into a big vessel or if you are using muslin cloth then just tie it in a tap so that the excess water will leave from paneer  (squeeze the excess water from the paneer).

5. Then transfer paneer to a bowl along with muslin cloth and flatten it then place a weight above the Paneer let it compress for two hours, remove paneer from muslin cloth and then cut it into cubes. Fresh Paneer Ready in home without adding any preservatives. Refrigerate paneer if you want to use it for the next day. 

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