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How to make Murukku Crispy | Easy Thenkuzhal Recipe | Diwali Snacks

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

Thenkuzhal Murukku is a very old Indian savory. This originated from Chettinad, Murkku has many variation like Kai Murukku which is made in hand, next variation is Thenkuzhal. It will be in spiral or coil shape, It is a light crispy murkku which elders people can also taste it. All time favourite chettinad 'edapalgaram' tea time snack on daily basis. Special snack in all marriage occassions in chettinad. It is also given as one among the Seeruvarisai Palagaram in Chettinad marriages. Seeruvarisai Thenkuzhal will be bigger in size. It can be stored in airtight container for 1 month.

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Thenkuzhal Murukku | Easy Thenkuzhal Recipe | Diwali Snacks

Recipe Cuisine: Chettinad |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time:  10 minutes   |  Cook time: 30 minutes    |  Yield : 25 Nos

OIL – ½ LT




1. Dry roast urid dal till you get aroma.

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

2. Then mix it with raw rice and give it in a flour mill and grind it. Once the flour comes to room temperature then you can make thenkuzhal with the required flour.

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

3. Add water and salt and mix the flour finally add 1 tblspn oil and make it as a dove and divide as portions.
I have taken 2 cups of flour first and divided it as three portion. after preparing the thenkuzhal with the three portion then again i have kneaded 2 cups of flour and prepared the thenkuzhal again

Thenkuzhal , Snacks
Thenkuzhal , Snacks

4. Drop one portion of the dove to the thenkuzhal kattai and close it

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

5. Then Squeeze it ( puliya vendum) at the back side of small plate or flat ladle.
Heat oil in a pan once the oil is heated check the temperature of oil with pinch of dove once it rises then in oil then it is in correct temperature now drop the thenkuzhal into the oil, (be careful while dropping it there are chance that oil drops on your hand). Please go closer to the pan add drop the thenkuzhal

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

6. Once you drop it in oil bubbles will be higher once it started cooking it float in oil then turn it to the other side 

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

7. Cook both the sides in golden yellow color.

Thenkuzhal , Snacks

8. Place the cooked thenkuzhal in hand and press it the cooked thenkuzhal will break into several pieces the inner ring will be like a nest. Once the thenkuzhal is cooled then store it in a airtight container. it can be stored for 1 month time
Thenkuzhal , Snacks

  • If the Urid dal is roast till reddish color then the thenkuzhal will become red in color 
  • If the Urid dal is not roasted well you will get the raw taste
  • You have to drop the dove in thenkuzhal kattai till 3/4 

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