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Mysore Pak is a popular sweet prepared in south india and its a famous festival dessert. As the name suggests Mysore pak originated from Mysore when palace cook experimented to prepare a new sweet, when king asked the name the cook had nothing in mind so said Mysore pak.  Paka in kannada means sugary syrup.This lipsmacking sweet is a one of the royal sweet which is prepared during dussera and many other festivals in bulk and distributed to relatives as its easy to store and distribute. This magical recipe is prepared only with three ingredients but the melting consistency can be achieved only when its used in right proportion

Mysore Pak

Recipe Cuisine: Karnataka |  Recipe Category: Starter/Snacks
Prep Time:  5 minutes   |  Cook time: 20 minutes    |  Yield: 15 Nos



1. Measure and take all the ingredients required. I have taken a heaped 1/2 cup of besan flour

2. Take a pan dry roast besan flour till you get aroma, do not over roast it. 

3. Melt the ghee in a pan and store it in a container.

4. Take a pan add sugar,water (half the quantity of sugar) and melt it

ilter the sugar syrup for impurities and add it to a pan, once it starts boiling add turmeric powder(optional) and mix it without lumps

6. Stir it continuously till single sting consistency. This Single string consistency is very important if you miss it Mysore pak will become hard. Then add besan flour. 

7. Mix the besan flour without lumps. Stir it continuously, once it starts bubbling then add ghee little by little and stir it.

8. Besan flour will absorb the ghee completely, once it started cooking you will see the change in flour color. It will start to froth and when it froths completely with ghee separated on sides switch off the flame. You will get nice aroma of cooked gram flour and ghee 

9. While making sugar syrup simultaneouly grease a tray with ghee. Now transfer the cooked mysore pak to tray and level it using a flat spatula.

10. Cut the mysore pak in required shape, either square or diamond. Let it cool down completely before storing it.

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