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Adhirasam or Athirasam is a south indian sweet which has a shape of vada. Its a very popular and sought after dessert made during festivals in tamilnadu region. The consistency of this dessert makes it very special. This recipe has a long history dating back to krishnadevaraya's period. There are inscriptions written about it and its preparation. This anicient sweet is most favourite offering to god on all special occasions. 

The authentic preparation of this sweet takes about a week.Soak rice and dry it in Sun and then make it to fine powder. Melt jaggery and mix the flour with cardamom to make it to tight dough.Ferment this dough for about 3 to 5 days in earthen pot and the fry it in oil. We had cut short the same process to to a day or two now. Preparing jaggery to right consistency is the very important step in this recipe if that is achieved we will get a soft smooth mouth melting adhirasam easily. It will be taste the yummy after 24 hours

Adhirasam | Athirasam

Recipe Cuisine: Chettinad |  Recipe Category: Starter/Snacks
Prep Time:  10 minutes   |  Cook time: 60 minutes    |  Yield : 26

OIL – ¼ LT


1. Take the raw rice, wash, dry and grind it to rice flour. On how to prepare raw rice you can refer Raw rice flour preparation

2. Take pan heat 1 cup water once its hot add Jaggery and melt it, then filter it to remove impurities. This step is only to remove dirt from jaggery

3. In the same pan add the filtered jaggery syrup. It will start boiling with bubbles stir it continuously, first it will  reach the string consistency then it will start boiling inside with bubbles stir it continuously till you reach honey consistency stage. When you drop the syrup in small plate of water the jaggery syrup should not dissolve in water , you should be able to take it in your finger completely thats honey stage. 

4. Then add rice flour little by little and mix it without lumps, add pinch salt and cardamom powder. Stir it continuously to avoid lumps.

5.The consistency should be little loose add ½ tblspn of ghee and mix it then transfer it to another bowl and again add the remaining ghee.
You can also check by pressing the batter with your finger. You should able to press it that is the correct consistency of the batter. Rest it for 24 hours or minimum 8 hours


5. After 24 hours. Take a lemon size ball in a banana leaf or plastic sheet and flatten it with 1/4 inch thickness with your fingers

6.Take pan heat oil, see to that oil is not be over heated, cook it in medium flame and drop one at a time in oil once it started cooking it will start floating in oil with a border.

7. Then turn it to other side and cook both the side in golden yellow color. Use two laddle as shown in picture to drain the oil from Athirasam

8. The cooked Athirasam will be like this inside .You can deep fry one at a time


  • Jaggery syrup consistency is very important also be careful in mixing the rice flour
  • If you have added more rice flour then it will become hard

  • Resting the dough for atleast 8 hours ids very important for the athirasam to be soft

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